The Price Tag for an Illinois ID: How Much Does it Cost?

The Price Tag for an Illinois ID: How Much Does it Cost?

Overview of Applying for an Illinois ID: What Is Required?

Applying for an identification card in the state of Illinois is a relatively simple process, but it requires several steps as well as a few documents. First, an individual looking to obtain a State ID needs to take the initial step and gather all the necessary information. It’s important that applicants are aware of all requirements for obtaining the identification card in order to accurately prepare for the process.

For starters, only individuals 16-years-old or above can apply for a State ID in Illinois, which means any person younger than that age would need another type of identification or help from a legal guardian to be eligible. Subsequently, each person looking to get their ID must appear in-person at a local Department of Motor Vehicle office with required documentation — including proof of identity, proof of residence and Social Security Number (SSN). This entire list can be found on the official government website and should be read thoroughly before setting out for application process.

In terms of accepted proofs of identity, applicants will require an original or certified copy of any U.S.-issued passport book or card; driver’s license originally issued by another state; birth certificate (only applicable when applicant is under 21 years old); employment authorization document; Permanent Resident Card; foreign passport with valid visa; citizen certificate from U.S., Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico; Immigration Execution Order Display — Form I-779 alongwith the court orders proving name changes such as marriage certificates and divorce decrees where applicable.

For address verification purposes, DMV will accept documents like utility bills (phone bill/water/electricity) within last 60 days; vehicle title registration certificate issued by IL Secretary of State’s Office within last 12 mo.; home ownership documents such as mortgage statement/deed etc.; rental agreement valid up to 60 days submitted along with current month’s rent receipt; pay stub with current residential address & dated no more than 45 days ago.

Additionally, original SSN verification must be presented while applying — either an actual Social Security Card printed with indelible ink OR metal certification issued by SSA like Medicare & Medicaid cards which have picture AND signature are acceptable proofs here. Same goes for applicants who have not been assigned a Social Security Number — instead it our Affidavit Confirming NON SSN Status form issued available through DMV itself has to be filled out accurately & submitted during application process.

No matter if this is interim or first time getting your driver’s license or state ID done in IL, enrolment fee ($20) has to paid too so make sure you carry exact change & corresponding mode accepted there beforehand! Actual fees might vary depending upon county district issuing it but general cost is same throughout state usually so no surprise charges ahead! Plenty forms & checklist are accessible over websites offered through DMV officials offical website who also provide guidance & support whenever needed throughout process similarly carrying out policy-based background checks prior issuing IDs officially demostrating extensive safety measures they undertake while processing your paperwork accordingly!

Estimating the Cost of an Illinois ID: Breaking Down Prices

It is important to be aware and understand the cost of obtaining an identification card in Illinois. Doing so allows you to plan properly and make sure that you won’t be hit by any surprises when it comes to budgeting for your ID.

In this article, we will be discussing all things related to the cost of getting an Illinois ID, from outlining the associated fees to explaining why those fees are required. Knowing what each fee covers can help in making sense of it all and ensure that no extra costs go overlooked. So let’s get started.

In order to get an official state ID card issued through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Illinois, multiple forms are typically needed; one or two proofs of identity (with at least one containing a photo), proof of age, social security number and three non-refundable paperwork charges for each transaction ($4 for duplicate license / ID cards; $5 for motorist report records; and $15 for license renewals).

The primary expense associated with getting an ID is the actual application fee itself – currently set at twenty-one dollars ($21) per card regardless if its a first time issuance or renewal process – which must be paid upon submitting your form(s). However, a small additional surcharge will also apply depending on your county rates as calculated via a base sales tax available here:

Moreover, if using a credit or debit card during payment processing, there may also be some convenience fees added on top; though these depend upon individual provider policies and vary widely between three dollars fifty-five cents ($3.55) up to two percent (2%) for most major companies. It might therefore be beneficial in such cases consider whether cash could provide more savings overall but would need clarification prior whenever applicable since surcharges are subject to change dynamically since their calculation bases off proprietary formulas determined exclusively within them (credit & debit companies). The good news is that other more convenient methods such as applying online (where supported) via DMV touch screens as present within select branches can often result in these charges being waived altogether leaving just the standard twenty-one dollar base rate remaining intact so definitely worth exploring!

OK! Now that all fees have been broken down we hope this was helpful information in understanding how much money needs budgeted beforehand anytime trying obtain or update state identification cards in Illinois…Good Luck!

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an Illinois ID

Step One: Gather Important Documents

In order to apply for an Illinois Identification Card, you need a few important documents:

•Two forms of valid identification (one document must be government- issued with your photo, name and signature). Examples include a passport, driver’s license or state ID card.

•Proof of Social Security Number (such as a Social Security card or paystub with your SSN on it)

•Proof of your current address in the state of Illinois. This can be in the form of a utility bill, bank statement or lease agreement.

Step Two: Get an Application Packet You can obtain an application packet from either your local Driver Services Facility or download one online at Make sure to read over all forms carefully before submitting them – make sure all information is entered accurately and legibly! Once you have filled out the application, it should be returned to the same Driver Services Facility where you obtained the packet from.

Step Three: Submit Your Information After turning in your completed application and two forms of valid ID, you will also need to provide proof of name change if applicable and provide fingerprints for background check purposes. The fee for obtaining an identification card is $30 (subject to change). You may also submit payment via cashier’s check or money order made payable to “Secretary of State.”

Step Four: Wait for Processing Time Upon submission of all required documents, expect a waiting period until processing is complete which usually takes about seven days from date received by facility. Once approved, you’ll receive notification that it’s time to return and pick up your new identification card; along with further instructions on when / how to begin using it correctly and responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions about Obtaining an Illinois ID

What is an Illinois ID?

An Illinois ID is a state-issued identification card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. It serves as official proof of identity, age, residence, and citizenship, and can be used for identification at bank transactions, to access certain government services like voting or filing taxes, and to access certain medical care providers and facilities.

Who can get an Illinois ID?

Any person permanently residing in the state of Illinois for at least 30 days prior to their application is eligible to apply for an Illinois ID. To qualify for an ID, applicants must present copies of photo identification such as a valid driver’s license from any U.S. state or territory or a passport; proof of residency such as a utility bill with your name on it; and proof of citizenship such as a valid social security number or birth certificate. Non-citizens will also need additional documents depending on their legal status.

Do I need to take any tests?

No tests are required when applying for an Illinois ID card. However applicants may be asked to pass a vision exam in order to establish that they meet the vision requirements necessary to obtain a standard driver’s license if they choose this option in the future should they not meet those requirements at the time of their application.

What information do I need to provide?

When applying for an Illinois ID you will need several documents including: proof of photo identification (such as valid driver’s license from any U.S. state or territory); two proofs of address (such as utility bills); evidence of lawful presence/Status (such as passport); Social Security Number; fee payment (see below). Applicants must complete all necessary paperwork with all the supporting documentation (most applications require around five items).

You will also need to have your photograph taken which must be processed electronically into the system before your card can be printed out by either online mail delivery or at one of our Client Services Centers where you have chosen pickup option during filing process..

What fees do I have to pay ?

The cost associated with obtaining an Illinois ID Card is $30 payable through cashier’s check or money order only (fees may vary slightly depending on location). If you would like a digitalized version delivered directly through e-mail then there will be additional fees associated with mailing delivery service so please contact local Client Service Center if you choose this option when filing.. Some offices have slightly different costs so please call ahead confirm pricing details before arriving..

How long does it take ? The processing time varies based on how busy that particular office is each day but typically it takes about two weeks for online mail delivery/pickup after all forms are filed correctly with all necessary documents included . For same day electronic issuance turnaround times depend on staff availability so please check ahead before planning your visit .

Top 5 Facts about Applying for an Illinois ID

1. You must be a U.S citizen or have lawful permanent resident (green card holder) status to apply for an Illinois ID. If you’re an international student, you need Form I-20 and either a receipt showing payment of your tuition and fees or proof of other financial resources in order to receive an Illinois ID.

2. You must visit a Driver Services Facility in person to apply for an Illinois ID if you’re over the age of 21. Applicants ages 18-20 need only submit their application and documents by mail or electronically in some cases, rather than physically visiting the Driver Services Facility themselves.

3. There are two types of card available: The Temporary Visitor Drivers License (TVDL), which is good for 3 years; and the Permanent ID Card, which never expires unless it was issued on a provisional basis due to missing documentation during application process and stayed valid for no more than 4 years from issue date without further updates from applicants.

4In addition to completing a form, applicants must present two proofs of identity when submitting their application – one primary document such as a passport or birth certificate and one secondary document such as a Social Security Card, Marriage Certificate or Student Identification Card; pay the appropriate fees; consent to have their photograph taken at the Driver Service Facility; provide proof of eligibility such as U.S citizenship certificate, naturalization documentation number or California ID number; make sure your eye exam is still valid if applying for restricted license ;and take part in any knowledge exams if required based on your driving history record check records with SRS department prior making any application

5Finally, upon receiving approved documents your new card should be picked up within four weeks time frame Please note that all applications submitted with incorrect information will not be accepted – so make sure that all details listed on forms are correct before submission!

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Cost of Your Illinois ID

Having an Illinois Identification Card is a necessary part of life for many residents of the state. Whether you’re travelling, opening a bank account or entering any number of establishments, an ID is essential. But what can surprise some people is discovering the associated cost with this vital document. That’s why it’s important to gain an understanding of these fees so that you know what to expect when you’re ready to make your purchase.

One fee that every individual must pay obtaining their Illinois identification card is the initial application fee—one set amount regardless of age or duration of validity. The application fee varies based on whether you have proof of US citizenship, permanent residency, residency with adjustment status, temporary visa or other qualifying documents. For those applying with proof citizenship or permanent status the application process costs $20 while applicants without proof will be charged twice as much at $40.

Once your original application has been received and accepted by state officials, there are additional charges depending on the length of time needed for your card; one-, two- and three-year cards are available for 88 years old and younger but those over 88 need a two-year card only. In addition to the processing charge, each applicant must also pay a minimum surcharge of $2 which goes toward covering administrative costs related to getting your new ID updated in national crime information databases.

The final cost associated with obtaining your Illinois identification card will depend on whether its ownership needs to be renewed after its expiration date. In order to determine if renewing is necessary simply add up the initial acquisition cost plus any applicable surcharges and prorate them down into a per year price; if that figure exceeds $10 then go ahead and renew since replacing it completely would entail paying full charges again (including the standard processing fee). This should help take away some stress surrounding how much it may cost when obtaining this important yet expensive document!

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The Price Tag for an Illinois ID: How Much Does it Cost?
The Price Tag for an Illinois ID: How Much Does it Cost?
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