The Cost of Dog Boarding at TAPS in Pekin, Illinois

The Cost of Dog Boarding at TAPS in Pekin, Illinois

Introduction to the Cost of Dog Boarding at TAPS in Pekin, Illinois

Welcome to TAPS, Pekin Illinois’ premier canine boarding facility! Our facility offers a wide range of services for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whether you’re looking for a safe place to stay while away on vacation, need some extra care while you’re out of town, or just want your pup to get a break from their demanding life at home, our experienced team is happy to provide whatever your pup needs.

When it comes to dog boarding prices in Pekin, we strive to offer competitive rates for all of our guests. We understand that budgeting for pet care can be difficult so we work hard to make sure families can afford the high-quality care we offer here at TAPS. Depending on the length of stay and other amenities chosen, the cost of boarding will depend on size and breed as well as special accommodations and services chosen by the owner.

We offer two different lodging types: kennel cabins and private suites which vary in size depending on the needs of each individual client’s furry friend. At TAPS our kennel cabins are heated and air conditioned with 3×6 raised cots with sheets that provide plenty space for larger breeds or multiple smaller ones (from $20/night). And if your buddy deserves some pampering during their stay they can opt for one of our luxurious private suites complete with TVs, orthopedic beds (or cots), skid-resistant flooring made especially for paws ($50+/night). Additional services such as playtime packages, peanut butter treats in Kong toys during bedtime hour are also available for an additional fee upon request.

We understand that it takes trust to feel comfortable leaving your best pal in someone else’s hands; let us lighten your load with knowing how much care goes into every detail so that you can take comfort knowing that your pup is getting spoiled just like they do at home at TAPS

Types of Dog Boarding Services at TAPS

At TAPS Boarding Services, we understand that your dog is a beloved member of the family, which is why we offer a variety of boarding services tailored to meet your canine’s unique needs. Whether you are planning a quick day trip or an extended stay away from home, we have options to make sure that your pup will be comfortable and safe while you’re gone.

One option for pet parents looking for flexible boarding services is our doggy daycare program. This service provides dogs with healthy exercise and stimulating playtime to keep your four-legged friend occupied during the day, giving them the perfect outlet for their natural energy and enthusiasm. With our extensive open grounds and attentive staff, there is no better place for dogs to get their daily dose of physical activity and socialization.

For those planning longer trips away from home, overnight boarding services at TAPS Boarding Services provide a great solution for ensuring that your pup will receive the care they need when you aren’t available. We provide plenty of roomy housing units with access to outdoor areas that can accommodate both large breeds and small during their stay. Our experienced staff makes sure animals receive plenty of affection coupled with ample space to relax so they don’t feel like they are being crowded or overcrowded while they are without their owner’s loving care and attention. Moreover, our 24/7 strict security protocols ensure that all pets in our facility remain safe throughout their stay with us.

For pet parents hoping to provide a truly luxurious experience for their pup while they’re away, we also have VIP lodging options available. These accommodations feature plush sleeping arrangements with heated floors so that pets can rest in comfort every night and luxury amenities such as personalized exercise sessions as well as one-on-one cuddles from our trained caregivers if requested!

No matter which service you choose for your furry companion when you must leave town, TAPS Boarding Services offers top-notch

How Much Money Does it Cost to Leave Your Dog at TAPS?

The cost to board an animal at TAPS (The Animal Protection Society) can vary depending on the size and breed, length of stay, and any special needs your dog may have. Generally the fee for a canine boarding guest is between $20-$25 per day plus applicable taxes; however, additional fees or discounts may apply with extended stays.

If you’re planning to leave your pup in good hands while away from home, TAPS offers all the comforts of home like plenty of fresh food and water, play areas, heated and air-conditioned sleeping quarters as well as daily grooming services. Your pup will also receive plenty of tender loving care from our experienced staff who aim to make sure each pup feels right at home.

Before setting up a reservation at TAPS, there are certain requirements that must be met by pet owners including vaccinations and insect repellent treatments (flea/tick). We do require proof of these vaccines prior to drop-off; if you don’t have them then vaccines and treatments can be administered here for an additional cost. Please note that if you do bring immunization records with you when dropping-off we’ll waive this cost as well.

At TAPS, we strive to create a safe environment for all animals so any medical requirements such as medicated baths or specialized diets must be noted upon check-in along with other specific instructions that should be communicated ahead of time. These things could affect overall cost but it’s best to talk with one of our trained professionals so that we can plan for these types of requests before arrival in order to ensure proper arrangements are taken care of prior to your departure.

Overall boarding costs include lodging facilities, meals (we feed premium dog foods) administering medications/supplements if needed along with playtime activities during their stay which allows us to give your puppy plenty of love and attention while they’re here! Additional charges may apply if transport is necessary due to emergency situations so

FAQs About the Cost of Dog Boarding at TAPS

Q: What will I pay for my dog’s stay at TAPS?

A: Prices for dog boarding at TAPS vary depending on the size of your pup and length of stay. To provide you with an accurate quote, we recommend giving us a call or stopping by in person to discuss your specific needs. We offer both hourly and daily rate packages, and can accommodate dogs of any size, from Chihuahuas up to Great Danes! In addition to base boarding rates, we may suggest additional services such as daycare activities or specialized grooming services – these add-ons will be factored into the total cost. As part of our commitment to providing a safe environment for all of our guests, we require a valid vaccine certificate priorto check-in.

Top Five Facts You Need to Know About Dog Boarding at TAPS

1.Dog boarding at TAPS is more than just being a place to keep your pet while you’re away – With plenty of outdoor space, toys, and supervised activity time to keep them mentally and physically stimulated, TAPS offers a unique daycare experience that your pup won’t forget.

2.TAPS provides specialized activities for all canine boarders- We understand each pup is different, and we tailor our play sessions accordingly. Whether it’s structured group play or solo walks in the garden, we provide full-on exercise with room to roam around for our pups.

3.Each doggy guest gets personalized attention from our experienced staff – All of our staff members are trained to recognize individual needs so they can give each dog individualized attention and tender love during their stay at TAPS. Plus, you can always rest assured knowing that all of our staff are certified in pet CPR/first aid in case of any emergency!

4.Your pooch will be able to escape the heat thanks to climate controlled boarding rooms – Doggy parents don’t have to worry about their furry family member keeping cool while they throughout their stay; all of our temperature controlled boarding rooms help ensure maximum comfort no matter how hot it is outside!

5.Flexible options available throughout the year- Our doggy daycare runs 7 days a week year round so no matter when you need us we can always accommodate your pet!.

Conclusion: An Overview on the Cost of Leaving Your Dog At TAPS in Pekin, Illinois

It’s no surprise that the cost of leaving your beloved dog with TAPS in Pekin, Illinois can add up quickly. Depending on the type of service you choose, you could be looking at fees ranging from basic daycare, to doggie boarding, and medical services like vaccinations. When making a decision about where to board your pup for an extended stay (or short), it’s important to account for all associated costs before committing.

For daycare or overnight stays, there is a flat rate fee plus an additional surcharge depending on breed size. The cheapest package prices can range anywhere from $25-$50 per stay – but if you’re looking for activities such as heated pads and blankets or personalized grooming services, then you could be shelling out upwards of $100+ per night/day. All fees incurred are due upon pick-up and require cash, check or debit/credit payment options only; TAPS does not accept American Express cards when settling bills at this time.

Additionally, if attending playtime sessions or requiring medical assistance while staying with Taps in Pekin, there may also be an administrative fee + vet add-ons applied to the total tab – this will vary on a case by case basis as needed treatment is reached. In any event – a pet parent should always plan ahead accordingly when visiting this location and make sure they adequately budget to cover any unexpected expenses ahead of time; failure to do so may result in added stress & hassle during their pup’s care stay terms and conditions agreement period!

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The Cost of Dog Boarding at TAPS in Pekin, Illinois
The Cost of Dog Boarding at TAPS in Pekin, Illinois
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