The Cost of Changing Your Last Name in Illinois

The Cost of Changing Your Last Name in Illinois

Introduction: What to Know About Changing Your Last Name in Illinois

Changing your last name in Illinois can be an exciting and important decision. Whether you’re getting married, divorced, or changing your identity for another reason, understanding the steps to make this happen is essential in order to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

The State of Illinois requires individuals to follow certain rules when they are considering changing their last name. Understanding the requirements that must be met will help facilitate the process and avoid any legal complications. This article contains everything you need to know about how to make a successful petition for name change in the state of Illinois.

To begin with, it’s important to understand the process for legally changing your surname under Illinois law. In order to file a petition for name change, individuals must meet eligibility criteria set forth by statute. Generally, this requires an individual over 18 years old who is not incapacitated or involved in bankruptcy proceedings may apply for a new name change (If you do not meet these criteria then a guardian or parent may also petition on behalf of them).

The first step in obtaining a legal name change is completing an application form. This can be found online from various resources or at county court offices located throughout the state. Once the form is completed properly with all necessary information such as the full current name, desired new name and specific details about why the name change is needed, it must signed and filed at local probate court office near where you live.

Once submitted applicants will receive confirmation from clerk’s office verifying if their request has been accepted into processing stage – meaning that next steps would include publishing notice of intent to change your surname in newspaper as part of procedure known as “give notice” mandated by law (other forms publishing may also constitute giving due process notice such as posting notice at local courthouse). Newspaper publication requirements vary based upon county so do research what are specific regulations before submitting this information; some counties require copy of printed advertisement displayed actively on

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Your Last Name in Illinois

Changing your last name can be a personal and often joyous occasion, so why should the process be anything less? Although changing your legal name officially requires paperwork, we are here to make it easy for you. Follow this step-by-step guide of instructions on how to change your last name in Illinois:

Step 1: Download and fill out the appropriate forms for changing your name. The two forms that need to be filled out are the Petition for Name Change and Consent to Change Name (Minor under 18). These forms can be printed or downloaded from websites such as or

Step 2: Take those completed forms to you local county clerk’s office where they will review them while taking an indexing fee ($19 in most counties) and issue you a cause number which then needs to placed on all future documents regarding the process .

Step 3: Contact your county’s sheriff office where you must arrange for fingerprinting services so that background checks may be conducted before a final hearing is assigned by court officials. Don’t forget to take the cause number obtained from your county clerk with you as it is required at this step of the process!

Step 4: Make three copies of the petition and submit them along with other forms such as Fingerprint Card Instructions | CIS4512, signature acknowledgments, judgement entries, etc., all of which need to accompany filing fees ($334 in most counties). Some counties may require additional processes including waiting periods or publication notices so contact your local court systems before submitting any paperwork!

Step 5: Attend an informal hearing with a judge where he/she will review all filed materials looking for errors or omissions before approving changes in records related to yours updated new last name beneath section “G” (for example Clarke becomes Claxton here). This marked version shall represent legal documents moving forward! However, depending upon circumstances changes

Common Questions and Answers About the Cost of Changing Your Last Name in Illinois

Q: How much will it cost to legally change my last name in Illinois?

A: The exact cost of a legal name change depends on the procedures followed. Generally speaking, however, the cost of a legal name change in Illinois typically ranges from around $150 (including court fees) to upwards of $400. This total fee generally includes filing for a request for a name change, publication and certified copies of the order granting the name change.

Q: Is there any way to lower my costs if I’m changing my last name?

A: As with most services, you may be able to minimize your costs by either working with an attorney or taking matters into your own hands. If you decide to represent yourself in court proceedings related to the legal process of changing your last name, you should prepare ahead of time by researching potential documents needed as part of this filing process. One example is a certified copy of your birth certificate or marriage license that is required for court proceedings associated with changing one’s last name. Such documents can usually be acquired from either local government entities within Illinois or online providers such as VitalCheck® – both typically charging nominal processing fees for such documentation services so be sure to factor these potential costs into your budgeting process!

Coming up with creative ways like this one which may save money but not compromise quality is always worth considering when looking at ways to decrease expenses related to your legal journey towards changing something fundamental like one’s surname.

Top 5 Facts about the Fee Structure for Changing Your Last Name in Illinois

1. The cost for changing your last name in Illinois is relatively low, and often takes about 10 business days for the process to be completed once all documentation has been submitted. Name changes are handled by the county clerk office in the state, and generally require certain documents and fees from applicants.

2. There is a filing fee of $402 associated with initiating the name change process in Illinois, but this may vary slightly depending on the county that you live in. This fee should be paid when submitting all applicable documentation via mail or through your county court’s website.

3. It is also necessary that you provide additional materials related to background checks and identity verification when applying to change your last name in Illinois. A passport-style photograph of yourself as well as valid government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or birth certificate must be included with your application to ensure proper identity verification occurs during the process.

4. The cost of publication, which is required for anyone who wishes to make their legal name change public knowledge throughout their state, will cost an additional $180 – $260 depending on where you currently reside in Illinois and which counties offer services that apply to your situation. For example, if you are planning on moving within your current county only then some counties might waive this fee altogether-so it’s best to check with each courthouse throughout your area prior to beginning the application process for more information on local rates/options available to you!

5. If an error was made during or after the legal name change application process has been completed-it can potentially add extra costs onto the application fee if any updated paperwork needs updating or re-submitted; so it is important not only know how much it may cost upfront but also how many steps there are involved (or how complex) before proceeding with a legal name change request!

Changing your last name is an important decision that comes with a lot of complexity, especially if you’re planning to do it officially in Illinois. Navigating the legal and state requirements necessary to complete this action can be confusing, but this blog post will provide clarity on what is expected from residents within the state.

The basics of changing your last name in Illinois fall into three main categories: Name Change by Marriage, Name Change via Court Order and Assumed Name Filing. Here’s a breakdown of each one so you have all the information you need before filing for changing your last name.

Name Change By Marriage: If you’re married (or divorcing) in Illinois and want to change your last name to either that of your spouse or hyphenate both names then no additional paperwork is required – all you have to do is list your new last name when applying for a State ID card or passport. From there, most government services will follow suit with record-keeping.

Name Change Via Court Order: In cases where an individual wants to change their surname outside of marriage, they are required to file a Petition for Change of Name form through their local county court system along with supporting documentation such as birth certificate and any previous marriage records. Once approved by the court, they can take their final decree document straight to governmental institutions like the DMV or Social Security Office and apply for issuance or alteration of relevant documents such as driver’s license or passport.

Assumed Name Filing: If a person does not intend on changing their legal name but still wish to go by another surname (for business reasons usually), they should consider filing an assumed business name through their Secretary of State office website . This allows them to operate under another professional moniker without having to formally request a full-fledged name change via court order – but keep in mind this cannot be used as replacement for official government documents like driver’s license etc., only

Conclusion: What You Need to Know About the Cost of Changing Your Last Name in Illinois

In Illinois, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the cost of changing your last name. Depending on if you choose to change your name through marriage, divorce, adoption or other means, the costs can vary in terms of filing fees and other required documents. Furthermore, if you want to legally change your name, you’ll need to take certain steps like advertising and obtaining a court order.

If you do choose to go through with a legal name change in Illinois, it will likely cost around $350-$400 depending on how complicated the process is. At the very least that price includes filing fees and any potential publication costs related to advertise your intended name change in a local newspaper. Depending on where you live though this cost may be different so make sure to consider all of your options before beginning the process.

In addition to these filing fees there are also some documents that are necessary for an official name change in Illinois such as an identification device like a driver’s license or Social Security card. Determining which documents need updating after a name change is important as well since not all people have them all up-to-date.

Overall switching names in Illinois can be both stressful and financially taxing but with proper preparation it can become a relatively easy process. To summarize here’s what you need to know about changing your last name in IL: 1) There is no one size fits all answer regarding costs; 2) A general fee amount of $350-$400 should cover most expenses; 3) Necessary documents could include I.D., federal/state filing forms and publication fees amongst relevant newspapers; 4) Make sure everything is done properly so the transition happens without any potential problems later down the line; 5) Consult an attorney if you have questions or want advice specific to your individual situation

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The Cost of Changing Your Last Name in Illinois
The Cost of Changing Your Last Name in Illinois
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